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NeoScriber: What is new in the current version?

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To improve NeoScriber, you can suggest us your desired changes via this form. Each comment/suggestion will be reviewed in our team and reconsidered in the next meeting.

— NeoScriber Developer


NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 15: 1 July 2013, V2-beta 21)

1)    Reminder emails will be sent every 14 days instead of 7 days.
2)    Reminder emails will not be sent after 3 cycles.
3)    A bug in downloading the files is solved.
4)    “Invoices” are restructured another time and complete details are added.
5)    Invoices are not editable via “Admin” panel anymore and each editing will be recorded.
6)    New style of PDFs are launched
7)    User’s profiles are re-styled as TAB styles.
8)    EES bugs are solved.
9)    POLL system will be done via an automated system.
10)    UI of sites are improved.
11)    Number of reviewers will be adjusted via AE’s.
12)    When submitting a manuscript, acknowledgments are taken in 5 different boxes.
13)    Changes in footnote and adding publisher’s name are done.

NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 13: 2 June 2013, V2-beta 20)
•    Adding “English Editing Service”
•    Adding FTF/PF Reminder
•    Changing the mode of articles shown in the website
•    Changing the view of authors’ list in published articles
•    Adding the ability of figures displaying in real size

NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 11: 4 May 2013, V2-beta 19)
•    Adding “classification” to the list of introduced reviewers by authors
•    Adding ability of searching introduced reviewer among users while submitting the manuscript by author
•    Sending an automated notification email to all co-authors after accepting articles

NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 10: 20 April 2013, V2-beta 18)
•    Supporting rtl in HTML

NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 9: 6 April 2013, V2-beta 17)

1) Introducing Reviewers
We have added a new step to the manuscript submission. In this feature, authors are obliged to introduce minimum requested reviewers to the journals. Using this feature depends on editors' request.

2) Author Search
Users can search authors using First name, Middle name, or Last name.

3) Payment
1. Adding FTF to different pages of manuscript tracking. Authors can request FTF for their manuscripts with any status.
2. Adding PF to Authorial Area. Authors can request PF for their manuscript after acceptance.
3. Users with access level of "editor in chief" or more can find a report of all FTF and PF payments and status in "Manage Manuscripts" section.

4) Group Mails
1. Group mails section has been moved to the "Publisher Area".

NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 8: 1 Mar 2013, V2-beta 16.8)
•    Improving HTML format of the articles in the website


NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 7: 24 Jan 2013, V2-beta 16.6)
1)    Creating Docx converter system


NEW CHANGES OF THIS VERSION (Sprint 6: 19 Dec 2012, V2-beta 16.4)
1)    Payment
1.    Foreign authors can pay for articles via PayPal
2.    Adding “Publisher Area” to the website
3.    Adding AF to the website
2)    Search
1.    Users can import the result of their searches to an excel file.
3)    XML
1.    xml importer
2.    Adding Pubmed Central xml

Neoscriber version 2 beta 16 (Sprint 4, 22 Sep to 9 Oct 2012) : What is new in this version?

- Change style of homepage and archive page
- Fix bug of HTML v3
- Fix bug of XML v3
- Add reviewers by AE
- Add title of archive pages
- Validator for XML crossref in v3
- Import into Bibtex
- Auto-upload XML crossref
- Cash for metrics and citation reports
- Download packages in XMl v3
- Combine articles with similar types in homepage

Neoscriber version 2 beta 15 (Sprint 3, 22 Sep 2012) : What is new in this version?

- Make a list for Archive based on V3
- Correct HTML v3
- Correct XML V3 in Admin
- Ranking for Reviewers
- Produce XML Indesign

Neoscriber version 2 beta 14 (Sprint 2, 26 Aug 2012) : What is new in this version?

- Sort and Report of classifications
- Save reviewers' comments as a draft
- Help system
- Deadline extender for reviewers
- Fix XML v3
- Edit reviewers' comments by AE
- Add new domain Kowsarlib to search system
- HTML preview in v3 is launched
- Export citation to Endnote is launched.
- Errors in crossref are fixed
- Show item per page in search

Neoscriber version 2 beta 13 (Sprint 1, 31 July 2012) : What is new in this version?

- Search in Kowsarlib is launched
- XML convertor for HTML in V3
- Produce XML for crossref
- Scopus integration

Neoscriber version 2 beta 12 : What is new in this version?

- Add Notifications in User Panel
- Add Help System
- Add Citation report via CrossRef, PubMed and Google scholar
- Add new online payment terminals (ZarinPal, ParsPal)
- Add Services Menu (Share on social Network, send Article to a Friend , Request Permission)
- Add Similar Articles finder from pubmed, Google Scholar
- Fix bug of reply to reviewers field on revision submission of manuscripts
- Improve stability and speed in generating number of items in each section.

Neoscriber version 2 beta 11.4 : What is new in this version?

- Add Subscription Area in User Sidebar (Email subscription , Text messages subscription , Hardcopy subscription , RSS subscription)
- Add Payment Area in User Sidebar


Neoscriber version 2 beta 11: What is new in this version?

- A suggestion about Email Template
- Add Confidential Box for reviewers
- View all Reviewers' activity
- Add a box for making A Decision by EIC
- Change in Browse_results page
- RSS feed for emails and system log
- Correct a bug in submit revision (should be required)


NeoScriber version 2 beta 10: What is new in this version?

-- Major changes in submission process were made as below:
-- Manuscript files: Upload abstract is omitted since there was no need to add a separate abstract file when we took it during uploading full-texts.
-- Upload tables is omitted since the authors can upload it via manuscript full-text.
-- PDF generator is changed using HTMLDOC software and the style is changed based on authors and editors's requests.
-- Home page design is changed.
-- Change Footer and adding some utilities used in Kowsar as the publisher like crossref, doi, etc.
-- Add an advertisement for Kowsar journals in left-side of the websites
-- Fix 404 message
-- Fix Back buttons in all areas
-- Add "Implication box" to submit wizard
-- Fix "IE" bug in search button
-- Change the style of "Archive"
-- Correct Email templates
-- Fix bug of tables when a manuscript from old version has table
-- Add Kowsar bar in header
-- Handle error 404
-- change graphical aspects of footer and add facilities
-- Change in instruction for authors
-- Make a permanent link for all helps during submission
-- Change graphical aspects of all buttons and icons
-- Change the style of search page
-- Change in PDF style
-- Add appendices part in submission
-- Add advertisement link for Kowsar in left pane
-- Remove table from submission wizard

NeoScriber is the brand for the AOS version 2.0 which was defined by the Kowsar team to one of the current journal management systems.

Until now "NeoScriber" has different versions as below:
1) NeoScriber version 2 beta 9
2) NeoScriber version 2 beta 8
3) NeoScriber version 2 beta 7


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